Merry Christmas Shoppe

The Merry Christmas Shoppe is located just outside of Ottawa, Ontario. It is a large store that features many Christmas decorations and ornaments. But it also sells other seasonal items for enhancing holiday space. The Merry Christmas Shoppe has been in operation for years and has supplied many families with everything that they could have needed for Christmas time and beyond.

The store is also open all year round and has the largest showrooms in Canada are divided into categories for the easy buying process. It is particularly well known for its Christmas gifts and is a very popular place and is always crowded on Christmas.

Heartwood Creek

Merry Christmas Shoppe is a paradise for Heartwood Creek Figurines & Decorations collectors, with over 5,000 collectible figurines and ornaments to choose from.

Assortment includes:  Santas, Snowmen, Angels, Nativity Sets, Fairies, Nautical, Nursery Rhymes, Halloween, Cars, Dogs & Rudolph.

The Walt Disney series includes: Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Beauty & The Beast, Tinker Bell, Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Pinocchio, Donald Duck, Pluto & Goofy.

Heartwood Creek Santa figurine


Heartwood Creek Angel figurine


Snowman figurine from the store


Fairies figurine


Heartwood Creek Rudolph figurine


Little dog figurine



The carving of the nutcracker figurines started out in the 1400’s. The figurine had a large mouth that could be opened by a lever in its back. The big toothed mouth was then used to crack a nut. Today nutcrackers are used for decoration, especially at Christmas time.

The Merry Christmas Shoppe in Merrickville carries a large selection of Nutcrackers from 6 inches to 5 feet tall: Sports, Soldiers, Star Wars, Animals, Bart Simpson, Police Officer, Firemen, Baker, Musician, Halloween, Etc.

Nutcracker soldier


Halloween theme Nutcracker

Nutcracker Halloween

Firemen Nutcracker


Nutcracker Baker


Nutcracker Police Officer

Police Officer

Star wars theme Nutcracker

Star Wars

Christmas Tree Ornaments

The Christmas Shop boasts over a thousand Christmas ornaments in its collection. Offering two floors of extraordinary wooden and porcelain ornaments to the avid collector in all of us.

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas tree ornament, you’ll find the one that you simply can’t find in department stores. Featuring character-themed ornaments with sports, movie, entertainment, and more.

Gambling dice ornament


Figurine dog seating near Christmas tree


Two Christmas balls ornament


Christmas sock ornament


Two Christmas stars ornament


Christmas bird ornament


Garlands and Wreaths

Pick your favourite Christmas garland and hang it up as you start preparing for the holiday season.

Hang these magnificent garlands along your staircase or near your fireplace to give a festive atmosphere to any room in your home, and enjoy a warm feeling of the holidays all around.

Christmas garland with balls and pine cones

Christmas Garland

Christmas Wreaths with lights and pine cones

Christmas Wreaths


Shop offers a wide choice of candles for all tastes. You will find elegant tall candles, designed to decorate the Christmas tree and make it unique. Or choose several short candles that will be wonderful additions to other Christmas decorations. There are also candles in the shape of different animals, with or without candlesticks.

Long candles with pine branches

Long Candles

A short thick candle

Short Candles

Candles in the shape of a bear hare and a raccoon