Canadian Christmas facts

The Canada is a part of the world where Christmas is visited with full spirit and zeal. Canadians wait for the event throughout the year and therefore it means a lot to the people of the region. There are certain facts which are related to Canadian Christmas which common Canadians are unaware of. The multicultural Canadian society finds the Christmas roots from the traditions which are being celebrated for centuries now. It means that these Canadian Christmas facts are not just myths and are taken seriously by people that know. These facts are both interesting and intriguing at the same time. Following such facts is essential for celebrating Christmas with full enthusiasm.

Sending gifts to Prime Minister? Think again

It is a fact that the many Canadians send Christmas cakes and gifts to the PM and think that the family would be enjoying what has been sent. The fact of the matter is that the Canadian law states that PM cannot accept gifts at all. It is against the accountability acts of the state which means that such gifts and presents will not reach the PM. The PM in simple words is not eligible to enjoy such perks at all. The family of the PM also enjoys same protocols and hence cannot enjoy such meals and gifts at all. If as a common Canadian you are thinking of sending such gifts then think twice as you will just be wasting your money.

Most spending on Christmas festivals

The data in this regard is interesting and has found that province none other than Alberta spends most on this festival. The province celebrates the Christmas in the way it deserves. The data was compiled taking into consideration the per capita spending on the Christmas. The province is followed by Yukon and the Northwest Territories as the regions spending most on Christmas. The Albertans spend $967 per person on Christmas which is obviously staggering. None of the other provinces in Canada spend that much per person when it comes to Christmas.

Santa post office

Each year in Canada millions of people receive Santa’s post office stamped letters and replies. It is essential to ensure that the people get a good perception of the figure which is closely associated with Christmas. Do you really think that Santa writes all such letters? No, it is not possible humanly and for the same reasons, helpers are hired. These pucks are responsible for writing replies to the letters which Santa receives. These elves also deliver gifts on Santa’s behalf so that all sections of Canadian society enjoy the festival equally.

Christmas shopping in Canada

Christmas is a very important tradition which is celebrated all over Canada in connection with shopping. The fact of the matter is that in 2016 the Canadians have spent over 3.5 billion dollars in just 2 days and kudos to price slashes offers. The booze is the second most sold item on Christmas and again in 2016, the Canadians have popped corks worth 1.6 billion Canadian dollars.