Famous Christmas traditions of Canada

Christmas is celebrated in Canada as much as any other tradition in the western world. The Christmas means that there is an ambiance that everyone wants to absorb. The tradition is centuries old and means a lot to Canadians. The feverish Canadians make every arrangement necessary to ensure that the tradition is celebrated in the best manner. From large crowd gatherings to drinking beer and fair that hit the street Christmas can be regarded as the single most waited event in Canada. Canada is a multicultural country and therefore it means that people of other faiths also join hands to celebrate the event with full spirit.

Afternoon off on 24th December

It can rightly be said that 24th December is as important as 25th. Most of the Canadian families and individuals take the afternoon off on 24th December. It is all to celebrate the next day with full spirit and zeal. Huge discounts are offered on retail products of different brands which mean that there are many opportunities which can be availed. The Canadians do not want to miss any of this and massive crowds are gathered outside such places.  This also leads the Canadians to get the right appliances for their home. All this happens on the Christmas eve and this is the main reason for availing day off.

NORAD and Christmas

NORAD or North American Aerospace Defense Command is a tech advancement of North America that checks on the space of Canada and the USA. This is a highly sophisticated software based program which diligently monitors the skies of both countries for any external or internal threat. It also means that both the countries are safe and secure only because of this mechanism. On Christmas, the NORAD has a tradition to track the Santa’s movements and to televise such movements on TV. This is done especially for children and it means that the Canadian Armed Forces also stand side by side with the people.

The Christmas Day

Christmas day is one of the most special moments in Canadian lifestyle. It means enjoy, spread love and have peace of mind. Not even a single Canadian works on this day. The retail stores are closed and the convenience stores are open that manage the special and everyday needs of a common Canadian. People get to eat the best food even in restaurants and therefore it means a lot of Canadians visiting such places. Canadian youth dance and enjoy streets and make the best out of this day. A day-off is a good opportunity to have a lounge and take your mind off busy working days. For example, you can try something new and make yourself marry trying out casino online gaming hubs, where you can find a wide range of reviews and select entertainment activities according to your taste.

Travelling traditions

The Christmas is the best day to make sure that the traveling thirst is quenched. The south Canada is the place that is fully loaded with tourists. The week between Christmas and New Year is the best time for the Canadians to travel. The southern provinces and the businesses based there make necessary arrangements to cater such load of tourists. Travelling by car is an option but it takes a lot of time and effort. The flight fares peak on the weekend so it is advised to plan accordingly.